Yann Polewka : transforming house music to a whole new exciting thing

Blessed with superior electronic music knowledge than most of kids at his age, Yann has a deep passion in house and techno music. His talent is yet to be acknowledged by a lot of house music lovers, but it will be sooner or later before he makes that big step to take himself to a whole new level.

Born in the capital of Brittany, Rennes in 1993, Yann is enjoying his promising life as a student of communication at the University of Rennes 2 in the same city where he was born. Still lives with his family, he also has a sister and a brother who has been a DJ for a while now. It was largely due to his brother who influenced Yann to start loving music since a very young age and lately making/producing music since more than one and a half years ago. We could all say house and techno music lives in his blood, it’s simply an element that could not be separated with him, something which has become his passion for living.

While his elder brother introduced him to the world of house music, it was Daft Punk’s album “Homework” that inspired Yann to produce the same style of music. As heard in almost all of his songs, there has always been a good reference of Daft Punk. A deep-bass element combined with a good “kick” during the song are very familiar in his songs. In his eyes, electronic music has no limits and that’s what he’s trying to do, pushing electronic music as far as he can, but not too violent nor too lame. Yann also sometimes puts hip-hop, jazz, or soul elements in his songs, just to mix it up a little bit. His latest own EP was called “Banal” which was released at the end of last October, earning rave reviews on his Soundcloud page.

Yann playing with a DJ set

Performing under the stage-name of “Yann Polewka”, his first ever EP was released under Glacis Records. This record label was founded in March 2012, they are looking to create a whole new level of music, a sound which takes you to a délicate and a sophisticated atmosphere as well as mixing music with style and art. Yann’s principe has always been creating songs that he likes so he could explore more into what he’s producing. It might be a little bit weird and tough for some people to understand his music but he’s not far from making one that will be liked by everyone.

At only 20 years of age, Yann Polewka has a dream becoming a big-name DJ, a dream which he admitted could be a little bit complicated. But at the same time he’s starting to make his name in the electronic music industry in France and all eyes should be watching him for the near future. His strong passion in electronic music would only bring excitement to all of us. Even if one day he stops producing songs, he will always stay in the musical industry, that’s what I call passion and obsession ! With a bit more consistency on his works, he can go beyond what he’s been dreaming for years.

❝ Music is an essential part of my life, I love music so much that it would be almost impossible for me to stop creating songs after songs. ❞ – Yann Polewka

With numerous EPs yet to be released, it’s worth a look to check out his Soundcloud page ! So stay tuned !

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