Regret always comes at last

What more can you do when it’s too late to react on something ? Do you give up ? Do you wait for another opportunity to try again ? Or do you just sit back, forget about it and keep going ? It is unbelievably depressing when someone with a fantastic heart just abandons you in the middle of everything, pretending nothing happened and reacting like she should be reacting when something truly bothers you that see doesn’t see what it is and you’re just way out of touch to make it up. Here’s a story of a truly “nice guy” with innocent look and no bad intentions at all.

One night, a “nice guy” came along to a small party organized by his good friend. He knocked on the door, entered the apartment and said hello to the people who were already there. He poured himself a glass of gin and tonic and started to have a chit chat with the others. A few moments later a normal yet charming girl came in. She had this kind of charm that nobody could spot on it, she was just different than most of other girls who once you look at them, you forget their faces a couple of seconds later. So the nice guy began to have a light conversation with this girl, knowing that he believed she was different, he put it all in just like in a poker game. He certainly did his best to get the girl’s attraction and the outcome on that night was not bad at all for a girl that at that time and still until now, was taken by another guy. They started to know each other better after that night, they exchanged numbers and talked everyday on a social media. At that moment it looked like everything was going alright for both of them especially for the nice guy who was falling for her charm, but what is that little problem that he’s yet to find out which slows him down for getting closer and closer to her ?

The nice guy was definitely sure she realized how he felt to her. She was just not superior enough to accept the truth. The truth that is now well-hidden and almost disappeared at some place where only the nice guy has the map to find it. The situation has now become dark and has reached a dead-end. All the things that he dreamt he could have had, have turned into “things he could only dream about”. The finish line which was reachable now looks so far ahead of him, he thinks that he’s got no more patience to put it all back on track. It’s just not happening for this nice guy. What has he done wrong in the past that really puts him on the back-foot now ? Maybe he’s not yet strong mentally, maybe the girl has turned her attention to something else, maybe nothing really happened and it’s just his imagination and he gets anxious, or maybe she’s just not worth it which is a real shame because they’d make a perfect couple. Imagine a nice guy with big dreams and promising future coupled with a charming small realist girl who just wants to get along with life with a little hint of curiosity. The imaginary couple that people could only dream of is perfectly pictured in that sentence. It’s all bleak and dark at the moment.

She should have never given hope to the guy.

Here’s a bonus, Ernest Hemingway once said :

When you love you wish to do things for. You wish to sacrifice for. You wish to serve.

Everything is ruined.


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